Glamour lingerie: fashion & ecommerce photo shoot

The growth of online sales is huge. Online luxury lingerie stores are generating more and more revenue. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that encompasses production, design and sales on many different levels. Most of them use fashion photography.

Lots of customers are looking for glamour lingerie and erotic lingerie, so it makes sense for your online store to be the one that stands out among the competition. What can you do to increase sales at your glamour lingerie store? Invest your marketing budget in a professional fashion & ecommerce photo shoot!

What is a fashion & ecommerce photo shooting?

Fashion photo shoot for ecommerce is a key solution when it comes to developing an online store. Good product photography is essential to make customers want to trust your brand and make a purchase.

Fashion & ecommerce photo shoot is a professional photo shoot with the best models in VIP locations. These include photographing fashion products for advertising campaigns. They are prepared for you by an experienced fashion photographer. One of them is Bartosz Branka, fashion photographer from London.

Glamour lingerie – what is it?

Glamour lingerie by definition is an intimate garment worn by women and is derived from the word “linen”, which means the material underneath the garment. You can find several articles, basques, briefs, babydolls, bodysuits, etc. On the other hand glamour or luxury lingerie intimates that are exclusive and high quality, sold in a smaller market.

Like all other glamour articles, glamour lingerie is expensive but also made and designed with the best and most exquisite materials. The purpose of glamour lingerie photography is to clearly and attractively show luxury lingerie so people can get an idea of how they look and fit before they buy.

Glamour lingerie photography – key rules and tips

  1. Choose the best models who know how to work with galmour lingerie. Amateur models will not make your products sell better.
  2. In glamour lingerie photography, you are not just selling or showcasing clothes, but also the creative vision and style of fashion houses.
  3. Choose the best locations for photo shoots – premium apartments, atmospheric interiors, exclusive decorations and scenography.
  4. Bet on a photographer who has an extensive portfolio. Your online store’s growth depends on it, so don’t skimp on it.
  5. What type of photos sell best? Glamour lingerie photography! Don’t be polite and venture into really erotic, quality photos to reach confident women.
  6. Fashion advertising campaigns can consist of one or many images and can range from very simple product shots to elaborate shoots with top models or celebrities. Hire internet famous models – infuencers to increase the reach of your store to your social media. Today, your social media can sell.
  7. Hairstyle, makeup and styling are not the main focus – everything must accentuate the highest quality lingerie.
  8. Plan your glamour lingerie photo shoot well. First, decide on your concept and create a moodboard. Assemble your team – models, photographer, stylists, hair and makeup – and work out any necessary contracts and consent forms. Find a location that fits your concept. Choose lingerie models whose sales you want to increase.

Book now glamour lingerie photo shoot for your online shop

If you want to grow your online lingerie store for women, book a professional photo shoot with an experienced photographer. Write to me. I am at your service.

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