How to boost a lingerie ecommerce website? 

How to boost a lingerie ecommerce website? 

Do you run a clothing store and have no idea how to attract customers? The fashion industry can be quite a challenge because there are quite a few competitors. It would seem that selling underwear online is quite a challenge and clothing manufacturers are wary of the subject. However, more and more underwear brands are deciding to have an online presence. And that’s a very good thing! Underwear, both day and night – is one of those items of clothing that is worn every day. Meet the expectations of your customers and showcase your products online! How to do it properly?

To start with the question: who is the online store for?

Before you open your own online lingerie store, you need to think carefully about who will use it? At the beginning you should know that more than 70% of online lingerie buyers are men, wishing to make a gift to their girlfriend. As a rule, men like a simple, intuitive site. They are mostly visual people, so nice, accurate pictures are also extremely important for them. One of the most important issues to take care of, therefore, will be the individual graphic mask of the store.

Find out what your competitors are doing

You already have your niche product – underwear – and you may have estimated its market potential. Now, the most important thing is to know what your competitors are doing. This is important to understand their online strategies and how you can gain a competitive advantage for your lingerie business. At this stage, it is also important to thoroughly research your online market niche – the demographics of your audience, their shopping interests, designs, etc.    

Good product photos are the basis

Photos for a lingerie store are a fundamental requirement. They must be of high quality, so that the customer can make a purchase without leaving home, confident that he will get the best product. It is best to use a professional photographer for this purpose. You will then be sure that they will improve and not degrade the perception of your brand online.

The basis is the choice of phrases, but not the general ones, such as “clothing store” or even “women’s clothing store”, but referring to the offer (in the case of the former, the competition will be too high). In the case of the fashion industry, an important but often overlooked issue is… properly titling images and giving them alternative names. If you take care of this, you have a good chance of appearing high in the image search engine, which is often used by customers looking for clothes, fashion inspiration and also underwear!

Paid Lingerie Store Advertising – Google Ads

Positioning is not all that you can do to increase the visibility of your website and start attracting large numbers of customers. An equally important issue is paid advertising for the lingerie store. The main thing is to use Google Ads.

Why Google Ads? The answer is very simple – it is the search engine that reaches the largest number of people in Poland and in the world, and therefore offers the greatest potential for rapid results.

Advertising a lingerie store on social media

The principle of lingerie store advertising is very simple: be where your audience is. What does this mean in practice? So much so that it is worthwhile to conduct communication also on social networks. Especially Facebook and Instagram will have great potential – both because of the very wide catalog of advertising tools and the possibility of building reach.

Your campaign on Facebook can be directed at achieving one of the specified goals, for example: generating traffic to your fanpage and store page, acquiring leads, enhancing image activities or increasing conversions. You can not only promote posts prepared on your fanpage, but also create attractive contextual ads – displayed both in the newsfeed and in other sections of the portal. Interact with your followers, participate in thematic groups and stay up to date with what is happening in the industry.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Involve the local community in your store’s promotion. Write a recommendation letter and give it to every loyal customer asking him or her to recommend your store. Put lists or ready-made testimonials on your website. Nothing works for potential customers like positive feedback from others.

As you can see, the ways in which lingerie store advertising can be done online. Remember that the most important thing is a consistent brand image online. If you care about good product photography – write to me! Together we will change the image of your store and reach a larger audience!

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