Photographer this is my passion and the way I want to spend my time, to create new images which will capture you for long time and will make you feel differently. I want to influance the emotions of the viewer.
I ha a chance to try out my skills to capture some romantic moments with this Portrait Photoshoot…

Actress, singer and model – Elena Vladyuk is a woman of many talents. Most of all she has unique looks (Check out more about gorgeous Elena here ).

I think it was around an year ago when we met up to shoot. It was a chilly afternoon with sunlight shinning through the clouds.

Holland Park in London is one of the most amazing places if you want to take Photographs. Areas is full of flowers, all kinds of trees and the Japanese garden, so for me Portraits Photographer London it was a perfect location.

The main image was shot after the Photoshoot actually…
We packed up our things and made our way out of the park. At one moment I looked over sunsetting light was coming through on one of the pathways, it was just amazing. I asked Ellena if she wants to tak few more shots there. Quick decision twas made… we took hers and mine favourite photograph from that day, i called it “Blinding Light”, taken with using just natural light…

Have a look at these few Portraits we created…






And Behind the Scenes image



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