Portrait Photographer London

Portrait Photographer London

Portrait Photographer London, an Outdoor Photography Day…

It is time to update the Blog…

Quite strange feeling as I am going backwards in  chronology of Photoshoots and Portraits…

Anyways, you met Wiola. A mother to a beautiful Wiktoria, working woman, full of energy and natural beauty.
We met through one of the Model websites called MaxModels. Talked over the months to schedule a Portrait Photoshoot.
It happened over an year ago, in summer 2014.

The location was Pergola Gardens in London.
The best place for Portrait Photographer London: Pathways, loads of greenery, interesting architecture…

Who took Photographs there will never forget the place.
The Outdoor Photoshoot took place late in afternoon. It was in time of Golden Hour, my favourite part of day to take images.
The colours for Portraits are just amazing, very pleasant and warm.
There was good vibe on the set and we had loads of fun. We took vast amount of Portraits to choose from. Good day for Portrait Photographer London.
At that time I was experimenting with mixing artificial light with ambient. I have to say that I was very happy with results! Ideas in my head had found light.
Wiola thank you very much that you could travel from Peterborough to London for this day.
I am proud to get to know you. You are inspiration for Portrait Photgrapher London.
You are such a positive person and stunning on the images! Hernan (his work here) thanks for your friendship and assistance at this time. One of the best Photoshoots ever I attended.

Have a look at these images  we created and let me know what do you think about them…

Portrait Photographer London. Woman. Model. Strobist

Portrait Photographer London sunset Woman. Model. Strobist 002

Portrait Photographer London. Woman. Strobist 003

Portrait Photographer London. Woman. Model. Strobist 005

Portrait Photographer London. Model. outdoor photography

Portrait Photographer London 005

Portrait Photographer London fashion-photography-003-wiola

Behind the Scenes of an “Bad Habits” image…

Portrait Photographer London photography bts-010-wiola www.bartoszbranka.com

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