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The phone rang in my office. Early hour for Editorial Photographer London, we are doing Photoshoot for editor of a Magazine, are you interested? Of course I am, what time and where…

One of the editorial assignments this year was a Photoshoot of Editor-in-chief Kinga Eva Plich and UK Director Anna Aleksandra Mezyk of the exclusive Polish-English PANGEA Magazine.
It is a source of information about Poles from all over the world, aims to develop cultural awareness and promotes education.

It was weekend of Photoshoots, one after another, busy time for Editorial Photographer London. One Fashion editorial assignment for a designer and portraits for Polish magazine. Love it!
Chosen location of the photo session was Chiswick in London. A quite posh area with some nice old pubs, a perfect place.
Weather was sunny, we decided to take photographs outdoors. Once again I was using my afvourite light for Photographers, a Godox’es AD360, and this time placed in 90cm octabox. Quite good setup for Portraits, just additional fill light coming from white reflector to reduce the shadows. Make up artist for our ladies was talented Jolanta Zglobicka (www.artworktraining.co.uk) and with assistance of Julia Burzynska-Kaczynska these portraits were created:






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