Portrait – Fields of Gold

Portrait in time of best natural light for photography – the Golden Hour.
It is my favourite time of the day to take pictures.
Amazing warm colours, quality at its peak when used appropriately.

Summer in London was quite busy for me with photoshoots.
A lot of model prtfolio updates, few editorial catalogue assignments.
Finally I had a bit of time for my personal photography project.

One sunny afternoon we did an outdoor portrait session called “Fields of Gold”.

It was in my mind for quite some time to create such images. A woman surrounded by golden sunlight.
I needed a pretty girl with some innocent look. It took me quite a while to find right person for it.
There was one person who fit the vision and had time to do the photography.
Victoria (her page can be found here) from L-Models modeling agency was keen on the idea. We decided to do the photoshoot on one of the afternoons.
As well her friend Amina came along. So it happens, she bacame the photographer’s assistant for this Portrait photo session.
Weather was very good and sunlight was just right with golden rays coming through the trees. Perfect conditions for my portrait ideas.
The location was not far from where I live in London, Hayes. Local field by the main road, fenced with trees.
Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to take images you want.

How is your photography going? Do you know any stunning locations? Please do let me know, maybe we meet at one of the photoshoots.

In meantime, here is what we created on a sunny evening this summer…

portrait -bartosz-bartoszbranka-fashion-headshot-pretty-girl-uk-dof-sigma-bokeh-85mm-commercial-photographer-london-010-vic

portrait -bartosz-bartoszbranka-photographer-beauty-woman-model-natural-light-sunset-gold-golden hour-london-008-vic

portrait -bartoszbranka-bartosz-beautiful-woman-young-model-sunset-red-dress--photography-ukrainian-photographer-london-003-vic



portrait -dof-bokeh-backlit-rimlight-strobist-london-photographer-photography-model-woman-pretty-girl-005-vic


And now a Behind the Scenes photo composite from the “Fields of Gold” photoshoot…

portrait -image-photographer-strobist-light-dof-85mm-sigma-colours-woman-model-bts2

For any photography enquiries, portrait sessions, fashion projects please us a contact from found HERE.


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