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Commercial Photographer

Commercial Photographer / City Portraits – Maurisa

Today I am back with some interesting images from a Photoshoot done earlier this year.
I hope you will enjoy this new entry.

Few months back I started shooting a project called Fashion Portrait in Heart of London.
For over the years I will photograph business women in urban areas of various cities all over the world.
I chose the perfect model, who would represent the vision.
Maurisa is an elegant/classy woman with Carribean heritage.
She was ideal to portray young business lady in heart of financial district of London.
Strong and beautiful features, flawless skin. What was also very important very professional attitude towards my vision.

It is quite important for Commercial Photographer to choose the perfect person for a specific project

Next thing was to pick right location for the day of photography.
London is such a brilliant place. It has got countless of Victorian houses, business areas, bridges and huge amount of greenery.
Makes it ideal and easy for different types of outdoor fashion photography.
We met in busy area of Monument Underground station. Quick brief and setting up the gear and we were ready to start.
Photoshoot started at around 2pm and lasted for about 2 hours.
With right people for the job you can achieve results you wanted. There is no doubt about it.
The weather played big part in these images. I was using the sunlight for additional light source.
It is one of my favourite technique in photography. I wonder which other Commercial Photographer likes this technique in his work?
Trying to find perfect balance in what is lit by sun and adding artficial light.
What do you think? Am I imporving my skills?

Please have a look at these few photogrpahs from part I of the photoshoot created by Commercial Photographer London.

Commercial Photographer fashion-photography-london-002-maurisa

Commercial Photographer photography-fashion-london-005-maurisa

Commercial Photographer fashion corporate-portrait-003-maurisa

Commercial Photographer business-woman-headshots-004-maurisa

Commercial Photographer-fashion-london-photography-002-maurisa

Let me know what do you think and of course book a photoshoot if you wish so.

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