Model Photographer London

Model Photographer London

Model Photographer London is here with latest photographs.

Fantastic time spend with my friend and stunning woman Jemelin Artigas.

Long time ago, well not so long, last year I started a project called “Chasing the Sunset”.
I wanted to create amazing portraits of women at the time when sun is fading away behind the horizon.
Whenever I do take photographs at sunsets, it might end up in project’s folder.
Sometimes it is a business woman, on other occasions normal girl next door or a Bride.

I wonder if you have a photography ideas that you continue to develop over the years?

In future I am planning to release an album with all the best images I took over the long time period.
Perhaps after a decade… Do you think it is a good idea?
The main image from a fashion photoshoot with beautiful Jemelin is what it stands for “Chasing the Sunset”.

Model Photographer London time to take pictures…

It was our second photoshoot together. We always come up with images we are proud of.
The original idea was to take pictures at marina near Tower Hill in London.
Unfortunately it didn’t work out this time. We decided to shoot among local streets and bridge.
For me as Model Photographer London it is always a pleasure to take pictures of good friends.
I had great assistance from another photographer Azad Yasin (his work here).
We spent around 3 hours shooting.
The sun was setting fast and there was just a little time left for Chasing the Sunset image with famous Tower Bridge in the background.
Good times, fantastic images. Thank you Jemelin and Azad for your time. Stay tuned for part II.

Model Photographer London fashion-portrait-003-jemelin

Model Photographer London editorial-pphotography-007-jemelin

Model Photographer London fashion-portrait-004-jemelin

Model Photographer London fashion portrait photography uk

Model Photographer London fashion-portrait-005-jemelin

Model Photographer London editorial-portrait-001-jemelin

Model Photographer London editorial-photography-008-jemelin

Model Photographer London commercial-photography-uk-002-jemelin

Model Photographer London freelance portrait-photography-london-009

For any enquiries about my photography and any commercial assignments, please use contact form found HERE. See you soon. Model Photographer London.

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