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Fashion Photographer London heads to Lavender Fields. Ethereal part I.
Idea about doing a photo shoot in Lavender Fields was in my head for a long time. I needed a perfect woman to be a star of it.
I met with Wiola last year on a day when we shot at Pergola Gardens in London (I guess I will write blog about it too).
She agreed to come along. She was very enthusiastic about it.

Fashion Photographer London needs a team to do a Photoshoot.

I also contacted a fellow photographer to help me out in the shoot, Hernan (his page here).
The team was almost completed, we needed a talented makeup artist – Ewelina (Evelyn Makeup).
She created amazing makeups for stunning Wiola.
The best time to photograph there is in middle of July, but we couldn’t at that time and so on 9th of August it happened.
Lavender Fields is located south of London ( It is easy to access and quite large area, plenty of purple colours.
The weather was amazing, perfect for a Fashion Photographer London.
We were so lucky as in United Kingdom is a lottery to plan a big Photoshoot and get decent conditions.
The good vibe was present at all times during our stay at Mayfield Lavender organic farm.
I think Wiola is kind of a person that brings that positive energy on set. Smiling all the time.
I knew that we creating some nice images.
Long hours, gorgeous sunset, great company of people, I enjoyed every minute of it.
Nothing can compare to time spends with friends and to have a good time.

So as Fashion Photographer London, Thank you:

Wiola (LadyMillionLashes), Hernan, Ewelina and Daniel, Pawel to be part of that beautiful day.
Now have a look at first few images we done.
There is plenty more, so will post them in new blog entries very soon.

Fashion Photographer London portrait-photography-002-wiolaFashion Photographer London portrait-outdoor-003-wiolaFashion Photographer London outdoor-portrait-woman-006-wiolaFashion Photographer London photography-modeling-portfolio-004-wiolaFashion Photographer London commercial-photographer-002-wiola

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