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Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photographer in London presents you with amazing images from a day with great team of artists.

Sunset, beautiful woman and Harley motorcycle, what else would you want at a Photoshoot?

Almost an year ago I was contacted by talented makep artist Dorota Wójcik-Sułkowska (her business page here) to do a project.
She wanted strong Fashion images with a commercial feeling. The idea was to do a very edgy make up, have kind of rock’n’roll hairstyle and outfits.
Harley was a bonus, which became amazing addition for the fashion photoshoot.
The photographs ended up in various online magazines and were introduced at a contest.
We had an amazing model Magda Jędrzejewska on board and rare edition of Davidson motorcycle!
My assistant and good friend Hernan (his photo page here) was also helping out during the long day.

The location chosen by Fashion Photographer was Ealing Broadway.

Good open spaces with a lot of trees for backgrounds. Nearby park was perfect for the start of photography.
Few minutes of setting up all the gear and we were ready to commence.
We had to act quite fast. It was late and sunlight which I was using for additional light source was getting away.
It was good fun to shoot for me as a Fashion Photographer. We got very strong photographs.
I hope to do more projects like this one in future. Do you have interesting projects in mind?
Apart of having brilliant people on board, I learnt quite a lot about my photography equipement.
Also some new knowledge surfaced about exposure in photography. Not mentioning new things learnt during retouching process.

Have a look at these images we created in few hours we had.

Fashion Photographer portraits-fashionmodel-photography-003-magda

Fashion Photographer commercial-portraits-london-001-magda

Fashion Photographer portraits-photography-london-005-magda

Fashion Photographer photography-london-006-magda

Fashion Photographer sunset-portraits-004-magda

Fashion Photographer editorial-photography-002-magda


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