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Hello there! I don’t write and when I was asked to do it about my Photoshoots, it felt like a torture. Lol.
As Freelance Fashion Photographer I do speak with images.
When I started putting words together it seemed to be something enjoyable (after a while 🙂 ).
So this my first Blog entry. Do you write too about your Photography?
I would love to hear from all the Freelance Fashion Photographers.
Fashion is something unique to each culture and always interesting for me to shoot as a Freelance Fashion Photographer.
If any Designer is looking for a perfect person to photograph their collections, please free to contact me.
I contacted model Simona (her profile here) to take part in the project Red Dress.
Location picked for this was St. Pauls cathedral, which is located close the most famous river in United Kigdom, Thames.
Beautiful architecture of the building created perfect backdrop for main fashion portrait!

What do you think about images by Freelance Fashion Photographer?

Simona is experienced fashion model and her looks are unique. Her posing is spectacular, so creating images was pure pleasure.
I usually shoot with 1 light as Freelance Fashion Photographer and use available sunlight as addition.
We spent around 1 hour shooting the Red Dress and there was still time left for black dress.
The job as was done, had beautiful woman as model, perfect weather and great help during the Photoshoot from Maciej Wyszkowski (another Freelance Fashion Photographer, check him here).
So I guess that is it for my first blog entry as portrait photographer london, I hope you enjoyed!
Next time I will write more. Have a look at few images that we created!

Thank you for reading. See you soon.

Freelance Fashion Photographer simona 03

Freelance Fashion Photographer simona01 portrait photographer london strobe sunset woman

Freelance Fashion Photographer simona02 fashion photography woman model canon

simona 05 st pauls cathedral fashion portrait evening city london

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