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Freelance Photographer London

Freelance Photographer London presents you with images from a Photoshoot Ethereal, part II. Good evening! How are you? Personal projects are considered to be most enjoyable for every artist. First of all, you are creator of ideas in your head. You put all your emotions and feelings together...

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Photographer London

Photographer London. Busy summertime for freelance photography can be quite challenging, especially when you have a task to do the same day you got it. I was lucky to have some spare time when phone rang. Quick brief about the Photoshoot, packing up my gear and...

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Freelance Fashion Photographer

Freelance Fashion Photographer / Heart of London Hello there! I don't write and when I was asked to do it about my Photoshoots, it felt like a torture. Lol. As Freelance Fashion Photographer I do speak with images. When I started putting words together it seemed to be...

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