5 questions to ask when hiring a fashion photographer

As you grow your fashion business, at some point you will realize that you need to use the services of a professional. A fashion photographer can prove to be such a person. Before submitting an assignment, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of questions that will verify if it’s a good fit to start working together. 

Fashion photographer Fashion photography

I must first specify what fashion photography is. We focus mainly on clothing, outfit. Model becomes a secondary matter, we are interested in attractive looking products, of course presented in an interesting way by the model. Fashion photography is a gigantic industry. All discussed photo subjects are designed to promote a particular product, which can be clothing, cosmetics, gadgets, but also a model or a model.

Fashion photography is the fastest and most rapidly growing genre of photography. Trends in fashion photography change with every season. Every few months along with outfits there is a fashion for specific types of photos; colors of clothes go hand in hand with colors and atmosphere in the pictures. To stay up to date, we need to constantly keep track of what the big industry is currently bringing with it.

  1. What services do you offer?

Find out about the photographer’s services and what is included in the packages they offer. For example, how many hours and how many photos will you receive, does he provide props? Also find out if the photographer you are interested in, retouches the photos. Does he only do basic colour correction or can he do more extensive editing?

  1. What is your availability?

Before you start working with a photographer, it’s good to have a general idea of the project schedule. Find out when he or she can start work, and get an estimate of how long the project will take from start to finish.

Find out when you will receive the finished photos and set a date together. It’s also a good idea to find out how many different projects your photographer is doing at the same time as your own, because if he’s too distracted, it can affect the quality of his work and the overall experience.

  1. Does your fashion photographer understand what goal you want to achieve with your photos?

It may seem simple, but if the commercial photographer doesn’t understand the purpose of the shoot, your marketing and product plans may not come to fruition. It’s a good idea to prepare instructions for the shoot in the photographer’s brief. Whether it’s headshots, product shots, branding or PR, it’s worth creating a checklist for the shoot, the elements of which will help you make sure the images have the right purpose.

  1. Is this fashion photographer a specialist or a generalist? Does it matter?

There are a thousand different styles of photography, but there are only two types of professional photography companies: generalists and specialists. There is no better or worse. It all depends on what you need.

A specialist is someone who photographs a wide range of subjects: families, weddings, headshots, food, animals, real estate, boudoir, newborns, fashion, business subjects. When it comes to photography, they are versatile and can usually adapt to the situation.

A specialist is someone who has chosen a niche type of photography and rarely deviates from that genre. Someone may choose one or two of the aforementioned types of photography and become really good at only them and not do anything else.

Identify what type of fashion photographer the person you are interested in is.

If you are interested in someone who knows your needs and can offer more advice and guidance for your brand than just fashion photography – a branding photography specialist will serve you best.

  1. How do the rates compare to others?

This is by no means a good way to determine the best choice among the many options, but it is a point you should consider. A well-known photographer with a large portfolio and an excellent client list may charge for work that may be not much more surprising than that of a less recognisable photographer with similar style and experience. Budget is always the most important factor in making your final decision.

Finally, always find out if there will be any additional or unexpected fees before you decide to work with a fashion photographer.

I know perfectly well how important professional photography is in the fashion industry. I will take care of the proper development of your business, so that you get what you really need. If you want to talk and find out about the details of cooperation – write to me!

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