How to shoot street fashion photography?

Street photography is inextricably linked to the tradition of taking unposed photographs that show real people doing real things. Street photography tends to be fleeting snapshots capturing moments, looking for the extraordinary in the everyday, recording a decisive moment when, for some reason, all the elements of the frame come together for a split second to create an interesting composition – sometimes funny, sometimes sad, at other times moving or ambiguous. Adding the slogan ‘fashion’ to this, we obtain photographs showing a snapshot of the lives of people presenting an often unconventional, varied style, which both fits in with fashion trends and sets them itself.

Street photography – how to get started?

Contrary to appearances, this is not a type of photography for everyone. Streetphoto, as it is usually referred to, is photography that focuses on random, much-talked-about shots of street life. Its precursor was the famous French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, who in 1952 published the book The Decisive Moment and in it the concepts and framework for street photography, which caused a revolution in the history of photography. Street photography balances on the border between photojournalism and artistic photography. It is photography for the onlookers around you and the brave, the photographers who can be ‘invisible’ without stepping into other people’s lives with their shoes on. On the street, you better watch out. However, if you are interested in showcasing street fashion, it is a good idea to schedule such shoots with models or to ask an inspiring passer-by beforehand if you can take such photos. 

Street fashion photography, on the other hand, is one of the types of fashion photography. the most complicated but also one of the most exciting genres of photography. It is known as street style photography, urban photography or candid photography. It is about showing the real world: what people wear in their everyday lives, their styles and values.

Street fashion photography tips

  1. Find a unique and intriguing location for your photographs

As with any other type of photography, you need to have an intriguing backdrop.

Depending on the colour of your models’ outfits, you should find something that complements them. If they are wearing dark-coloured clothes, choose a lighter background.

Great places to take photos can be beaches, parks or village streets. If you can find a street where all the houses are the same, or maybe even one rural enough for you to stand in the way, this would be a great location. Graffiti on the walls or strong neon signs native to Saturday parties can also be an interesting backdrop. It all depends on the convention and what kind of fashion you want to show.

  1. Make sure you have the right lighting

You will have to get used to using the lighting available to you. However, you can use this lighting to your advantage. Choose a time of day for taking photos that will make the light bring out the assets of the location you have chosen.

You can use the shadows that buildings cast to make interesting photographs. You can also find good ways to illuminate your subject with sunlight. If it’s too dark, use a light pole or the light from a shop window. Maybe there is an interesting neon sign in the area? This will also add variety to the photo.

Finally, remember to check the weather before you go out for your session. Ideally, the sky should be clear. If it’s cloudy, the lighting can be unpredictable and you’ll need to resort to extra professional lamps.

  1. Photograph strong colours and patterns of clothing on your models

Street fashion is associated with colour, strong accents and often contrasting patterns. When there are some brilliant colours in street fashion photographs, it looks stunning. Clothes in dark colours are drab and don’t draw the eye to the photos as much.  Therefore, it is best to wear light-coloured clothing for street style fashion photography. It is recommended that you try to avoid using dark shades. Neon, orange, yellow, royal blue, crimson and other bright colours will be a hit!

  1. Choose the best lens and cameras

It is good to know what lens is best for street fashion photography and what type of cameras street photographers prefer to use. Most photographers believe that the best focal length for street fashion photography is 35mm, as well as 50mm lenses.

The most important thing to remember is to always shoot in raw mode. More photographic data is stored in the image, giving you more flexibility in post-production.

Using a shallow depth of field to split the subject is an effective way to untangle the synthesis. A tripod is a key piece of photographic equipment when shooting location street fashion shoots.  It’s a good idea to stock up on one that is lightweight so you can easily change the location of your session.  What’s more, holding the camera for long periods of time can cause hand fatigue.

Street fashion photography is a unique type of fashion photography that has no single framework and contrasts and intriguing frames are at the top of the list. Fashion photography is something that is changing every day. The art of street fashion photography is also developing. If you want to follow the trends and are interested in fashion street photography – let’s talk and create something special together!

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