How to choose models for fashion ecommerce photo shoots?

When thinking about your online shop, you must always put yourself in the shoes of the customer and his needs. When consumers look at a product, the first thing they look at is the picture – the product photography. Even when selling simple nails, a picture will more easily give the buyer an idea of the model. What about selling clothes or jewellery? In most cases it is the photograph that decides whether a product will be bought or not, and it is certainly the first impulse directing the customer’s attention to the product. 

How can you present products in your online shop?

Very major companies that produce and sell their products have a whole campaign to prepare the product for presentation in the shop. Photos are taken by professional photo studios, in the case of clothing with the involvement of models from top agencies.

Sometimes the presentation is supplemented by a short film. Special photo sessions are used to create catalogues, advertisements, and proposed styles.

Posed photographs with the participation of a model with an appropriate arrangement, sometimes in the open air, are associated with a greater outlay of resources and have their price but also a very impressive effect.

Product photography with or without a model?

Using models to showcase your products will attract wider audiences. People understand how to use the product, where to use it, how it can be applied to their lives and also gives a clear understanding of the various features. This is especially true in the fashion industry. You can’t fully show clothes without models. Models could draw attention away from the product and distract them, leading to undesirable results.

Where to look for models for fashion ecommerce photo shoots?

Clothing photos presented on a living figure, we start by choosing our model or model. Where to start the search for a model? Finding a pretty girl with proportional shapes among friends, neighbours, colleagues will not be difficult, and most will willingly agree to a photo shoot. However, if you want professionalism, there are many modeling agencies where you can be sure to choose someone who will fit perfectly into the convention of the future photos and the whole project.

Another place are groups on social networking profiles, where you can find or post an ad related to the topic of modelling. There are many such groups on Facebook for people interested in photography. In addition, you can look for models on discussion forums or photo portals

How to choose models for fashion photography?

Finding a model is not such a simple matter. The right model should fit the concept and meet the client’s guidelines. The model should enjoy posing in front of the camera and be in a positive mood. It is important to have a good presentation and awareness of her own body, because she has to present products that are supposed to sell well. It is good if the model’s assets match the vision, as this makes it easier for her to fit in with the atmosphere of the chosen arrangements. A model is not only a pretty face, she must have something to sell a particular product. It is also very important that she feels great in the clothes she is presenting.

Before casting, consider what type of beauty will ideally represent the product you are offering. It’s important to have a clear goal in mind. This will make cooperation much easier.

The absolute foundation is the pre-session conversation. You never start a session by pulling out your camera and setting up a frame. I always, but I mean always talk freely with the person I will be working with. This definitely reduces the distance and makes the collaboration go easier and the photos look better.

I hope I don’t have to convince you anymore that well-made photos in the fashion industry in the ecommerce world are the basis for good sales. If you care about professionalism, don’t wait. Write to me and together we will take care of your online shop! I will select the best models for you and prepare a photo shoot that will realistically increase sales in your online shop.

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