Ecommerce Photography – How to organise and manage photo shoots with models for your online shop?

Online shop ecommerce photography is the basis of running your business online these days. If you want to sell online, you need to present your product in the right way. There is no other way! While some merchants can depend on vendor- or distributor-supplied imagery for a time, most growing sellers will eventually find the need to use custom lifestyle and specific product photography. How to do this correctly? 

Ecommerce photography – is it worth it?

Online shopping relies solely on a shopper’s sense of sight, which is why photos should be clean, clear, and of high-quality resolution. Photos need to include various angles of the product and offer users the ability to zoom in for a closer inspection, all of which helps them visualize the product as if they were holding it in their hands. 

If it’s your first time organising a photo shoot it can be overwhelming knowing where to start – how much should you spend? How do you find the right model and photographer? A photo shoot is often a pretty big investment for your brand and the images you get in that one day will often need to last you for several months so it’s important you get it right.

Ecommerce photography not only in the online shop!

Product photography does not have to be boring. Make sure you have the right background and story. Show your product in action. Give your customer the feeling that your product fits into various situations in life by showing this in the photo. You can use these lifestyle photographs to better promote your products. Lifestyle photography can also be used as banner advertising; content for Pinterest and other social media; or on-site promotion. 

How to choose a model for an ecommerce photography shoot?

Firstly, have a think about the type of model you would like to use: what gender and what age group would work best with your products and your brand? Do you want people with tattoos, or with a beard? Are there any particular abilities that would be useful for your photoshoot, such as a dancer or someone who is confident riding a bike. Write down your wishlist of ideal model attributes, then you’re ready to look for.

5 necessary things to know to organise a photo shoot for ecommerce store

Good plan of photo shoot

Whether you’re doing product photography, shooting pictures of birds, or taking pictures of everyone at a wedding, planning is the most important aspect of a successful photoshoot. A precise schedule and timetable avoids chaos.

Secure the location for a photo shoot

You are also going to hire the location or at least secure the right to shoot at a particular location. If you are doing studio shoots, it will’t be a huge problem. But if you are shooting outdoors, even in public places, be certain that you have communicated with the site owners or managers and scheduled the time.

Hire the makeup and hair specialist

A hair and makeup specialist will ensure that your models look right, and help to overcome problems like strong wind. In addition, such a specialist will ensure that make-up and hairstyles are consistent and match the overall convention and style of the shoot.

Meet and brief the models earlier

There is no successful session if there is not a good flow between you and the model. It’s great if you can get to know the models a little beforehand, discuss the stories they are to photograph, plan the day and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the models.

Technical aspects of photo shoot

Photos for the e-commerce must be well lighted, high quality, and show various details of the product being presented. Take care of the basics like lights, tripod, background and possible decorations, camera and photo editing software.

Good product presentation is the basis for online sales. Whole process of getting everything set up correctly is vital to making sure that you get the shots you need, so from setting up the right team to getting the necessary permits to working with the right modeling agencies, it’s the work you put in ahead of time that will directly result in the quality of the pictures you end up taking. Do you demand quality, precision and commitment to your work? Contact me and together let’s make an impact on sales in your online shop!

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