How to increase sales on Instagram?

Social media sales are growing at a dizzying pace. We are more and more willing to buy products online on social media through stores on Instagram or Facebook. It is our eyes that are the first point of contact with products found online. Scrolling the wall we see a post about a product, we click and buy! Which products sell the best?

According to Hubspot research, up to 84% of online purchases are made because of a good product photos. A brand profile on Instagram without good photos is pointless. Especially if you want social media for real to help you grow your business and increase sales. I know plenty of e-commerce companies that weren’t very successful until they invested in product photo shoots with a professional photographer. What else will be useful to your success?

  1. Post regularly and show high-quality photos on social media

The first rule of social media is consistency and coherence in actions, campaigns and profiles (e.g. on Instagram). Keep the vibe of your profile consistent, post unique, only-your-product photos regularly. Don’t copy them from your competitors or suppliers.

Prepare a stock base of product photos that you can showcase on Instagram. Avoid plain, boring product photos with a white background. Show how to use the product, inspire where it can be used, enchant your potential audience with magical photos. All this so that he or she identifies with the product and, after clicking on the photo, goes to your online store to click Buy Now

P.S. If you’re looking for an idea for a product photo shoot, email me – I have a database of inspiration and lots of new ideas. We will come up with something. 🙂

  1. ​​Use creative, relevant hashtags and boost your organic social media reach with the best product photos

Well-chosen hashtags are the next step to success in selling on Instagram. Organically and free of charge, your beautiful product photos reach thousands of fans interested in a specific topic. You don’t have to target ads and spend a budget. You don’t have to know your way around Facebook and Instagram Ads.Just post good product pics and add relevant hashtags to them. 

You can also like, comment and share posts by other users who are interested in your competitors’ profiles, for example. This will draw their attention to your profile on Instagram, and there voila – a beautiful presentation of products, great descriptions and links to your online store. This is what the whole e-commerce world does, especially new online stores, that need to build an audience from scratch.

  1. Tag products in your photos on Instagram and don’t forget great product descriptions with a clear Call To Action

Product images aren’t enough. Social media users need the ability to quickly navigate to your online store and complete the transaction. Accurate and inspiring product descriptions will help you do this, as well as CTAs that call them to action – to buy your product. From now on, each of your posts on Instagram must tell a story about how to use your product in practice. Professional product photos will perfectly showcase clothes, food, cosmetics and much more. Good copy will complete the whole sales generation machine.

Professional product photography for online stores on Instagram and Facebook

I have worked with hundreds of e-commerce stores and know how to help you increase sales for your business. My photo shoots realistically boost product interest among users on social media. Do you want to increase sales in your online store? Write to me and order a unique photo shoot of your products.

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