portraits london -blonde-photographer-chelsea-kensington-bartoszbranka-photographer-london-outdoor-portrait-blonde-girl-natural-light-dof-01-liilia

Portraits London 35mm 1.4 Art


Portraits London / Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art first test in location photoshoot

Publicly speaking, I am addicted to create new images.
It is like a drug habbit. When I take new images,
already in my mind there are new ideas.
Mind, body and soul is into it 100% and I won’t stop,
untill my last breath. Do you have such feeling inside of you when creating?


Sigma 35 f1.4 Art

I was keeping thinking about getting new piece of glass for more than an year.
Around 6 weeks ago I got into my arsenal of lenses highly recommended Sigma.
On one of the afternoon I did some test shooting of areas around Marble Arch in Londonย  (more HERE).
Well, as I love taking Portraits, I needed to start tesing it with people.

I got a contact with amazing model who was in town, a girl from Estonia – Liilia.
We schedule a day to shoot a quick Portraits London session in streets of Greenwich.
The day was very cloudly, windy and of course rainy. What is more the tempreture was very low…

Liilia acted very professional despite difficult conditions.
Around 1 hour and we were finsished with photoshoot.
So happy that I created few images with Sigma’s lens.
I must say that as it is my new favourite lens for wider angle images,
for close portraits I can’t quite get away from 85mm f1.4.

So here are the images from the day. I put here my favourite one in 3 different crops, I still quite can’t decide which one I prefer.


What do you think…which one of these 3 versions of 1 portraits london is the best?


portraits london -blonde-photographer-chelsea-kensington-bartoszbranka-photographer-london-outdoor-portrait-blonde-girl-natural-light-dof-01-liilia

Daylight I



portraits london -bartoszbranka-outdoor-chelsea-kensington-woman-photographer-natural-light-blonde-girl-city-wall-07a-liilia

Daylight II

portraits london -bartoszbranka-outdoor-chelsea-kensington-woman-photographer-natural-light-blonde-girl-city-wall-07b-liilia

Daylight III





portraits london -blonde-photographer-chelsea-kensington-bartoszbranka-photographer-london-outdoor-portrait-blonde-girl-natural-light-dof-03-liilia


portraits london -blonde-photographer-chelsea-kensington-bartoszbranka-photographer-london-outdoor-portrait-blonde-girl-natural-light-dof-04-liilia


portraits london -blonde-photographer-chelsea-kensington-bartoszbranka-photographer-london-outdoor-portrait-blonde-girl-natural-light-dof-02-liilia




  • Ola Molik

    Love your photos Bartosz!

    27/01/2016 at 2:10 PM
  • Fantastic images and Ideas.
    Execution is just top as always !!!

    27/01/2016 at 2:47 PM
  • Pure awesomeness!!!! Keep it up ๐Ÿ˜€ Cool Lens + Stunning model = Result ๐Ÿ˜€

    28/01/2016 at 11:39 AM

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