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Portrait Photographers London

Portrait Photographers London / Available Light

Hello there Dear Reader,
“Writing with Light” is my favourite definition of photography.
Capturing people with camera, shaping their features with light to show/present their personality.
Sometimes it takes several strobes to illuminate a person.
First you use key-light (your main light), than you can add another one
to bright up the shadows. You can keep putting up some more like hairlight,
and perhaps another one for the background.
There are so many possibilities to be creative. By small changes to your lighting set-ups,
you can change the moods of the image.

What if you don’t want to use strobes or something breaks and you can’t use it?

In that case, I think is good to practise your understanding of light without flashes before you go on a photography job.
Whenever I get a chance i try to use whatever light source is available to me.
One of the best natural light photographers out there is Dani Diamond.
Great portrait artista.
One of the images you see here is inspired by his work.
Let me know what do you think about it?


portrait photographers london-bartoszbranka-photographer-fashion-london-chelsea-kensington-natural-light-eyes-bokeh

Sometimes you plan your photoshoots and bring a lot of lighting equipement.
You get help from your friends, everything seems to be running perfect…
And then it starts raining…
That happend to me recently, I thought the photoshoot might turn into a disaster.
Actually it didn’t. Sudden change of plans and we decided to travel to location and
do the photo session indoors. We were very lucky with it, a very beutiful place in London.
I could not use strobes/flashes as in that place you need a permit for it.
But they let us shoot for short time. The images we created I am very happy about.
And all I used to illuminate the model was just available light…
Here is one of the photographs…what do you think?


portrait photographers london-bartoszbranka-photographer-fashion-london-chelsea-kensington-natural-light-red-dress-woman


Photography is so amazing and I want to keep creating whenever I can.
So much to do and very little time…
Well, that is it for today…untill next time.

Credits for Portrait Photographers London / Available Light


Model: Jennifer Napier
Photography/Retouch: www.bartoszbranka.com


Model: Wiola
Mua: Dorota Wójcik Sułkowska (Dorota W-S Make UP)
Assistants: Lucas Ambrosio (Lucas Ambrosio Photography) and Hernán E. Calderón (Fractal 77 – Photography)


“Blue vs Red”

portrait photographers london-bartoszbranka-photographer-fashion-london-chelsea-kensington-natural-light

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