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Headshot – Portraits of Men

Headshot and Portrait are sometimes challenging tasks.
Especially when someone hires you to do it in worst weather conditions.
But that it what I love about my photographer’s job, it is always interesting.

Headshot in studio, another in middle of London, on busy streets. Everyday something different is happening.
And most of all you meet interesting new people all the way. Fellow photographers, artists, ceos of big corporations, actors, fashion designers. It is good fun.

Some artists use brushes and paint to show their representation of a person. I use light, camera and editting software to create.
For an outdoor headshot or portrait usually the city is the background. If you are in studio you are quite limited to what you have.
When you go outside, you are just limited by your imagination. In terms what can be usable for right backdrop.
For me possibilites are endless: walls, alleys, old buildings, bridges, fences… I could spend hours writing.
One job can be with specific idea in mind, like it happened with the featured image above.
On other occasions it is more spontaneous and results are always good.

Creating a headshot or portrait is one of the most interesting things in my photography.

Enough of my writing. Let me show you few images from the 2nd part “Portraits of Men”.
If you missed 1st part you can view it HERE. Let me know what are your thoughts about these pictures…

Richard – A Photographer’s Portrait

headshot commercial-headshots--portrait-dof-bokeh-bartosz-bartoszbranka-photographer-london-man-smile-005-men2

Musician/Comedian/Photographer and Video Blogger Mr. Robin Boot

headshot -sunset-guitar-bartosz-bartoszbranka-photography-portrait-photography-london-uk-002-men2

An Upcoming Pilot and Model – Dylan – image called “Bad Habits”

headshot -man-photography-smoke-cigartette-retouching-portrait-dof-late-afternoon-sunset-photographer-man-headshots-003-men2

Portrait of Photographer – Richard

headshot -dof-bokeh-symmetry-bartosz-bartoszbranka-photographer-london-londonlife-portraits-photography-uk-004-men2

Headshot called “Darkness” of Mr. Robin Boot

headshot -bartosz-bartoszbranka-photographer-beard-bearded-moody-dark-portrait-photographer-london-001-men2

Which image of seen above is your favourite?
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