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Freelance Photographer London

Freelance Photographer London presents you with images from a Photoshoot Ethereal, part II.

Good evening! How are you?

Personal projects are considered to be most enjoyable for every artist.
First of all, you are creator of ideas in your head. You put all your emotions and feelings together to achieve best results.
All your knowledge as Photographer and artist come to life. You know you will push the limits and improve.
Next thing you have to take care of are logistics aspects for the Day.
Another matter you have to think of is to make sure people around you feel comfortable.
The last but most important, you are around friends.

Personal Project.

Here is 2nd part of images shot during our Lavender Fields ( photoshoot called “Ethereal”.
It was beautiful day on outskirts of London, one of the best in life of Freelance Photographer London.
The weather in United Kingdom is so unpredictable.
Freelance Photographer London should consider himself lucky to get amazing sunlight. I felt like that summer time.

Our model Wiola looked gorgeous and brought natural and positive energy to the images created at time there.
It was amazing feeling to see my team all together again.
My best Photoshoot this year, a personal photography project for Freelance Photographer London.
I hope you will enjoy these few “paintings” we managed to create at Lavender Fields.
Let me know your thoughts about the images.

Thank You:
Model – Wiola (Lady Million Lashes),
Makeup Artist – Ewelina (Evelyn Make Up),
Assistants – Hernán E. Calderón (Fractal 77 Photography), Daniel, Pawel,
Photography/Retouch/Creative Director – Bartosz Branka (Freelance Photographer London)



Freelance Photographer London -outdoor-portrait-blonde-bartosz-bartoszbrank-com-pretty girl-200mm-bokeh-dof-005-e2

“Lavender Fields”Freelance Photographer London -headshots-portrait-uk-bartosz-bartoszbranka-blonde-lavender-field-dof-bokeh-blonde-beauty-002-e2


Freelance Photographer London -bartosz-bartoszbranka-portrait-outdoor-sunset-dof-bokeh-blonde-rimlight-photography-dress Freelance Photographer London -outdoor-portraits-bartosz-bartoszbranka-red-dress-rimlight-backlit-blonde-beauty-woman-dof-004-e2

“Late Light”

Freelance Photographer London -commercial-photography-outdoor-sunset-portrait-bartosz-branka-blonde-rimlight-backlit-strobist-003-e2

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