Headshots in the city

We were quite lucky with just few drops of rain during the Light Workshop¬† almost 2 weeks ago. That’s the one thing that I always pray for before my outdoor photgraphy lessons, a decent weather.
From sun shining through clouds to drama of totally cloudy sky. You always want to use whatever you encounter to your advantage and put it on the images.
The challenge is to realise and quickly adjust the camera’s and strobe’s settings to always changing weather conditions during shooting.
When you get a lot of practise, these technical changes that you usually have to make
for perfect exposed images, become your second nature. Now you can comfortably direct the photo shoot.

Anyways, I thought that it will be nice thing to do after the Workshop to take few images of the students and our beautiful model. The cinematic style of headshots I did for them is something of recent interest of mine.
Here are the results:


Aleksandra (you can follow her Here , she is also a brilliant eye lashes specialist, check out her page HERE)


Carlos (feel free to check out his awesome imagery HERE, follow his IG )

_f7a1996David (follow his FB HERE)

bts-behindthescenes-cinematic-headshot-london-photographer-actress-actor-day-cityBehind the scenes image from the headshot session (pic by Hernan E. Calderon)

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