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Photography in London, Portraiture…

Starting photography…I read hundreds of articles, watched hours of tutorials, practised and getting inspired through other great photographers work. Became obvious that for portrait photography I would need good lens.
I could afford just one and it was best choice I made few years ago…
Sigma 85mm f1.4 is my lens for Portrait Photography for around 2 years now and so far the best one I had in my hands. Fast, brilliant bokeh, sharp at 1.4 and quality of images it gives is worth every money.
Sigma 70-200 DG HSM f2.8 @200mm gives brilliant compresion which I just love.
Another thing is not so expensive if you compare it to Canon’s equilvalent.
What else I can write? I prefer to speak with photographs so I decide to show you the comparison of images shot with Sigma 85mm f1.4 and Sigma 70-200 DG HSM @200mm.
If you love taking pictures of people, I think this lens is worth investing in.
Here are my 2 favourite “sitting pose” images taken using the lens at around 3/4 (I think :/) metres to the girls.
On first photograph is Wiola, amazing woman, shot during Lavender Fields photoshoot (more images from it HERE). Image taken @200mm (zoom)
On right hand side is Laura, stunning actress from Paris, image taken during my Photography Workshop (more HERE). Image taken @85mm (prime)

First comes an idea, next is search for best people that you would love to work with…now you can create magic and of course you need Sigma lenses.

Every Photographer

Thanks to:

Wiola (Lady Million Lashes), Ewelina (Evelyn Make Up), Hernán E. Calderón Photography,
Daniel, Pawel, Laura H, Vinoth (Riverside)

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