photographer portrait-bartoszbranka-editorial-fashion-photographer-london-strobist-dof-06-maria-sergiejeva

Photographer Portrait

Photographer Portrait / “Russian in London”

I guess a lot of people already have seen
images from my editorial for Italian (Milan) magazine

I was quite busy with different things and now
I found some time to share these gorgeous
photographs of professional figure skater,
Olympian and model Maria Sergejeva.

The photo shoot took place on a cold
day in London at grounds of UCL.
We decided to start off with some images
indoors as it was pouring down with rain outside.
After short time the weather slightly got better
and we could continue our photo shoot outdoors.

Great time with amazing model and results are
very good.
Now spring has come to London and for
Photographer Portrait it is perfect time to shoot
more outside where there are so many possibilities!
If you are interested in booking a photo shoot
with me write an email to:

HERE is a link to editorial for the magazine.

And here are our images (Photographer Portrait – “Russian in London”):

photographer portrait-bartoszbranka-editorial-fashion-photographer-london-strobist-dof-02-maria-sergiejeva photographer portrait-bartoszbranka-editorial-fashion-photographer-london-strobist-dof-03-maria-sergiejeva

photographer portrait-bartoszbranka-editorial-fashion-photographer-london-strobist-dof-01-maria-sergiejeva

photographer portrait-bartoszbranka-editorial-fashion-photographer-london-strobist-dof-04-maria-sergiejeva

photographer portrait-bartoszbranka-editorial-fashion-photographer-london-strobist-dof-05-maria-sergiejeva


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