Fashion Portrait Photographer London outdoor model

Fashion Portrait Photographer London

Fashion Portrait Photographer London / A Portrait of Maurisa Selene-Coleman – Model/Actress/ A Business Woman…

Christmas is over, I hope you had a very good time with your families.
Finally I had some spare time to loose myself into world of editting of old images.
Do you go back to Photoshoots done in the past and decide to edit some older photographs?

Does every Fashion Portrait Photographer London does that?

Sometimes I go through files on my computer’s hard drive. I like to go back to one folder.
Long time ago I did a commercial Photoshoot with Maurisa, truly brilliant, beautiful and professional model.
It was warm and very sunny day in Central London, the photographs we took near Monument underground station.
I found this specific Reflection image speaking to me, so decided to spend few hours on it.

It takes a while to decide which Retouching technique is best for specific task.
Every Fashion Photographer has a favourite one which uses for Beauty, Moda pictures or Headshots.
Close ups of the face are the most time-consuming. It takes quite a while to know how to Retouch images properly and to master it.
I do admire people who spend endless hours on learning to improve their skills, I guess it is in our nature to be perfectionists.
For this particular Portrait I think I spent around 2/3 hours. Few techniques was used here like Dodge and Burn and Colour Correction.
As well as Frequency Separation and some other adjustments. What do you think? Is all that time is worth to create an interesting image?
Here is a result of my Retouching, done in my favourite programme  РAdobe Photoshop CC

Check out BEFORE/AFTER of the images  comparison (done by Fashion Portrait Photographer London) on bottom of page.

Fashion Portrait Photographer London outdoor portraits 002-maurisa

Fashion Portrait Photographer London portraits editorial - 002 maurisa


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