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Make Up Artist

Make Up Artist / Bogumila Mila Stasiak / Dayana Pires Photoshoot

I guess 100 percent of women wear make up when going out.
It might be a dinner date or normal day at work.
Strange for men, but for the beautiful side of our population it is a must.


First of all, it is an enhancement which is embed in their minds.
They just have to do it to feel better about themselves.
One would say: “But she is so gorgeous, why she needs it?”.
I could answer: “To feel and look even more gorgeous”.

Make Up Artist and Photographer

Photographing women is quite an interesting adventure.
When I started to create images more professionally,
I knew that every time I take pictures of ladies I have to have Make Up Artist in team.
Some women won’t even consider shooting with you if you don’t have one.
On other hand, getting more people on board when doing
a photoshoot could be challenging, but believe me that having
an Artist who does fabulous work “painting” faces is your advantage.
You could be friends and relations will last years.
If you considering inviting MUA to work with you,
when photographing women, I suggest you to don’t hesitate
and find the best one.

I am lucky to know Bogumila Mila Stasiak, one of the greatest
MUAs in London. And to be honest she is the first one I met,
when doing photoshoots professionaly. Check out more of her
work HERE. We have done quite a few projects together
and I am always overwhelmed with her work.

Here is one of her creations, done for amazing actress/model Dayana Pires (you can follow her HERE)

make up-bartoszbranka-photographer-london-mua-makeup-artist-beautiful-model-lipstick-eyes-model-beauty-015-dayana






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