editorial -cover-photographer-london-ginger-headshot-dof-sigma-85mm-bartosz-bartoszbranka-uk

Editorial/Cover of Magazine

Editorial Photographer in London / Sheeba magazine / Cover Photoshoot

Hello! I don’t know if every Photographer on Earth wants to be featured in magazines.
It does not matter so much to me, but I don’t mind to play my part in it.
The people I work with are happy to have their work featured, so it makes me pleased too.

Some time ago I was approched by staff of Sheeba fashion magazine (www.sheebamagazine.com).
They were doing a November issue called “Ginger Flame” and my image of commercial model Yasmin Ogbu (www.yasminogbu.com) was chosen to be a Cover.
I was very happy to be featured among other talented photographers.
The editorial image was taken at an outdoor Photoshoot in Canary Wharf, London.
You can not see the location here, but I must tell you that it is amazing.
Canary Wharf is a business district of UK’s capital. There are quite a few skyscrapers here.
I would call this place “The City of Steel”. Makes it very interesting for outdoor photography.
If you ever be in London, love the architecture, you must come here.
You won’t be dissappointed.

The lens for this picture is 85mm by Sigma with using just natural light plus white reflector was used to lit the model.

If you are interested, you can download or get print copy of the magazine HERE.

Thanks go to Yasmin “Freckles” Ogbu, Hernán E. Calderón, Sheeba Magazine and Norbert Schüller for this editorial.

editorial -cover-photographer-london-freckles-ginger-headshot-dof-sigma-85mm-bartosz-bartoszbranka-uk

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