"Portrait" with actor Andrei Nova by www - bartoszbranka - com

Actor’s Portrait

I am glad I met this phenomenal actor Andrei Satalov. We have been working previously on cinematic headshots (Blog post here) and there was good vibe, I knew it will not finish only on one session.

He is genuine and humble actor who takes his acting job very seriously. Preparation for roles, dedication and hours of gainig skills, I am sure we will see him on top of industry. Not to mention that he will play next to Pierce Brosnan soon.

Anyways, few weeks ago we met up in brillinat Orange studios, for the next photo shoot.

Idea was to use the costume he had for filming a sci-fi series appearing this year on Netflix. And images from that I will share on separate Blog post.

At the very end of the photo shoot I decided to use gels, fog machine, snow machine to create this moody portrait. I absolutely loved the idea of using any practical effect to create. You can use your Photoshop to enhace actor portrait, but fun is do that on set.

Here it is, the portrait we created and two without fog and snow machines. Let me know your thoughts about it.


Behind the Scenes image with brillint help by my good friend Hernan E. Calderon (follow him here and you can buy prints of his amazing landscapes)




  • Brilliant! SUper amazing Light.

    02/07/2017 at 5:43 PM
  • Great portrait session and excellent final result – the snow and the smoke are adding even greater details and depth!!!
    Andrei has very strong appearance in front of a camera, wish I could work with him someday.

    01/12/2017 at 8:27 PM

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