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Photo Workshops

Group Workshop – Advanced Lighting Technique in Photography
£229 per person

photo workshops-london-photographer-lighting-bartoszbranka-beautiful-workshops-fotoworkshop-learn-photography-teaching-rome-paris01

Summertime!!! Perfect time to to go out and spend a day practising Your photography with amazing models.
Group Workshops are designed to help you achieve images similar to what I create. I will be focusing on mixing ambient light with artificial lighting. This technique I found most useful in few years of my photography experience. I am not a fan of studios, i prefer to go out and have hundreds of different opportunities for my backgrounds/lighting conditions. So whatever Your goal is…learn using strobes outdoors/improve Your understanding of ambient and artificial light, this Workshop is for You. As it is Group experience we will be using powerful strobe Godox AD600, which is just perfect for few people. The goal is to show You what can be achieved with equipement you have, don’t be afraid that you have to invest more money into the new gear! Simple speedlight which works in HSS (HyperSync) is good enough.

Location of each Workshop will be announced only to people involved.
The group can only have maximum of 4 Photographers.


– 8 hours  of intense practical training with using HSS enabled strobe (2 professional female models);
– perfect exposure in any given outdoor conditions;
– choosing the right scenery and composition of the image;
– awarness of mistakes in posing;
– awarness of the given ambient conditions: using it for backlight/rimlight;
– pros and cons of HSS technique in photography;

Details of the Day:

Start 9am – Introduction/theory about HSS and equipement used during the day
10am – 2pm photo shoot with 1st model
2pm – 3pm lunch break
3pm – 4pm Questions and Answers
4pm – 8pm 2nd photo shoot
8pm Questions and answers
9pm end of workshop

Maximum number of people for the Group Workshop is 4.

If the Group has 3 students time with each model is 3 hours.

If the Group has 2 students, time with models is 2.5 each.

If Workshop is just for 1 person there will be just 1 model for 3 hours.

To book the place in workshop, “booking fee” of £75 is required to be paid before the date of Workshop. Remaining amount to be paid in cash on the day of Workshop.


When contacting please write which date are you interested in.

When booking, please write which camera system do you use, lenses.

Strobe used during workshop is Godox AD600, modifiers: 120cm Octabox and 70cm Beauty Dish.

Because of nature of Workshop (outdoors – weather conditions), a day before it starts the decision will be made is it commence or is postpone for different date.

Each atendee can Book an Individual Retouching Package with the Workshop with 4 hours of tuition for £120. After the Workshop such Retouching experience will be at £150.

Dates available for Group Workshops – Advanced Lighting in Photography:


For Bookings or questions about the Group Photo Workshops for Summer 2016 please use contact form found HERE.


was £400 now £350

photo workshops-photographer-london-bartoszbranka-strobist-colour-beautiful-woman-dof-bokeh-fotoworkshops

Designed for intermediate Photographer, who would like to advance into world of flash Photography.
Normal sync modes are outdated, learn to use your artificial light source at any given exposure.
This 2-day 1 to 1 Workshop focuses on mixing ambient with artificial light.
Using just 1 flash attached to a modifier, I will show you that you can achieve results
similar to my images.
Learn to use your flash in HSS mode for your benefits at any given outdoor conditions.

Programme of 1 to 1 Photo Workshops Advanced Lighting Technique:

Day 1 (max 5 hours):

Theory – advantages and disadvantages of using HSS (syncs upto 1/8000).
Awarness of light and how to use it for your benefits (backlit/rim light/background).
Correct exposure for the scene.
Tips to achieve best results possible at any given situations.
Choosing right composition for creating an image.
3 Hours of photo shoot with amazing Fashion Model at location.

Day 2 (max 3 hours):

Editing of chosen images (max 2).
Understanding of workflow.
Importance of choosing the right file to edit.
Awarness of good and bad sides of the image.
Frequency Separation.
Dodge and Burn.
Color Correction.
Preparation of images for social medias and much more.

What will you need:

1. A Digital SLR camera (please specify which camera you have in contact form);
2. Lens (please specify which ones will you have);
3. Flash which works in HSS (if you don’t have one you will use one of mine) with HSS triggers;
4. Laptop with Photoshop CC/CS (only at 2nd Day of Workshop), graphic tablet and pen.

For enquiries about 1 to 1 Photo Workshops Advanced Lighting Technique and please use a contact form found HERE.

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