Fashion in Red

One of the photo shoots which I did around St. Paul’s Cathedral in London this year was with Aleksandra Dominika-Dacko (you can follow her IG HERE).
I knew straight away the her red dress will look amazing and we can create some nice images. The only concern was the time, started very late we were chasing the sunset.
Moving quickly from one place to another where sun was still shinning. The golden hour. Final place was on steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral… Here are few photographs of Aleksandra we created.
Huge thanks to my friend who helped all the way – Hernán E. Calderón (you can follow him on Insta HERE, interesting landscape photography!)


  • Love your work dude. Are you using sigma Art lenses?

    04/03/2018 at 2:15 AM
      • Trey Colston

        I live in America, But would love to attend your workshops. Would you ever consider coming to America. Or if I was to travel to you. What would be an efficient method to get to one of your workshop

        13/05/2018 at 2:57 AM

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